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Ibiza aims to become a benchmark in sustainability and responsibility

The platform “Ibiza Sostenible” promotes experiences and activities aimed at promoting culture, art, tradition and local products.

The platform “Ibiza Sostenible” promotes experiences and activities aimed at promoting culture, art, tradition and local products.

The cross-disciplinary Sustainable Ibiza platform has established a programme of activities aimed at all audiences with a view to achieving the sustainable development objectives proposed by the United Nations for 2030. This platform offers a series of activities that focus on accessibility for people with special needs, and the promotion of culture, art, tradition and local products that support the island’s circular economy.

The main objectives of “Ibiza Sostenible” are to contribute to the development of the local economy and to respect for history and traditions; to protect the environment and local ecosystems; to bring about sustained, inclusive and long-term economic growth; and to achieve full and productive employment and quality work. It also defends the promotion of local culture and products, and encourages initiatives that add value to the island of Ibiza as an international benchmark for innovation and sustainability. Its programme of activities includes initiatives such as Ibiza Plogging, which combines sporting activities with waste collection. These events are held in all the island’s municipalities and are supported by more than 30 companies and sports clubs.

Another Sustainable Ibiza action is Recicl-ARTE IBIZA, in which the “rubbish” that people have dumped where they shouldn’t is turned into sculptures and works of art that are exhibited in different settings for educational, artistic and social purposes.

Another cornerstone of this platform is its prominent presence at international fairs such as the ITB in Berlin and the Btravel in Barcelona and shortly in Bilbao, where the video “SUSTAINABLE IBIZA #Ibizamadebyyou” will be shown, presenting Cyanea and Nomura, the first works of art created in the Recicl-ARTE project. Meanwhile, BES TRAVEL is a digital platform in several languages that offers experiences and activities throughout the year related to sustainable tourism and care for the environment, with special content adapted to people with reduced mobility. In addition, the platform also includes the initiative “Ibiza accessible to all”, for which work is being carried out on the creation of the Accessible Ibiza Map, an embossed interpretative map of the island with writing in Braille.

Similarly, “Ibiza Sostenible” is promoting the Hospitality Inspiration Council initiative, the first event of its kind in the world, to be held on 16 May, whose mission is to promote knowledge and cooperation in order to achieve the objectives proposed by the United Nations for 2030, thus ensuring a legacy of which present and future generations can feel proud.

Finally, there is the Travel-Enjoy-Respect campaign that aims to disseminate practical tips for being a responsible traveller, developed by the World Committee on Tourism Ethics. This campaign is going to be carried out during the summer months and will involve the distribution of eco-ashtrays, eco-bags and eco-bottles as well as a 10-point programme on how to be a more sustainable traveller.