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Low cost plans for enjoying your Ibizan summer

Ibiza’s 210 kilometres of coastline mean that tourists and residents alike can not only enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches all summer, but in the winter months as well.

Ibiza’s 210 kilometres of coastline mean that tourists and residents alike can not only enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches all summer, but in the winter months as well. This is one of the best low cost plans that you can find on the island. In this regard anyone who loves sport and nature has got it easy, as the white island has hundreds of routes for hiking through its shady Mediterranean pine forests which, obviously, are better enjoyed when temperatures are not too high. If you are a fan of water sports, there is nothing better than signing up for the free activities organised on ses Figueretes beach, and discovering its little islets and caves. All you have to do is book your place by email:

One of the essential places for enjoying the Pitiusas islands without emptying your pockets is the Ses Salines Nature park, a natural reserve in the south of Ibiza and north of Formentera extending over 3000 hectares and 13,000 hectares of marine waters, which covers lakes, ancient juniper woods, and rocky coastlines, populated with species exclusively native to the islands. The reserve has been declared a Heritage site by Unesco and it recreates the history of the Ibizan people who, from Phoenician times exploited the salt pans, one of the main sources of wealth of the islands, and at one time salt was even used as a currency. The park has endless possibilities for walks among its lakes and defensive bastions.

Another essential activity to enjoy on the island without spending a single cent is to bask in the glow of the amazing sunsets on the beaches of Platges de Comte, Benirràs o Cala d’Hort, to name just a few.

During the summer, different villages celebrate festivals in honour of their patron saints so you can enjoy great music and an incredible atmosphere, and it is all completely free. From the start of August, Ibiza holds its fiestas in honour of Our Lady of the Snows and Saint Ciriac, on the 5th and 8th August respectively, with parades and fireworks; and on 15th August, ses Figueretes and Cala Llonga hold their fiestas as well. Throughout the whole of August, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia celebrates its patron saint with dances, cultural and gastronomic activities and a programme enshrined in tradition. The festivities also coincide with the Perseids, an annual shower of shooting stars which reach their peak at this time, known locally as the tears of Saint Laurence. This phenomenon happens every year, and the ideal time is from 11th to 13th August, which coincides with the fiestas in this picturesque village, where one of the main attractions is the opportunity to admire this phenomenon.

Another date to highlight is the 24th August, when the feast of Sant Bartomeu is celebrated in the village of Sant Antoni de Portmany, which holds several concerts, performed by local artists, and with numerous activities for all the family. A few days later, on 28th August, the village of Sant Agusti des Vedrà holds its big day in honour of the saint, with performances of the “ball pages” the traditional Ibizan dance, and a full programme of music and entertainment. The month of September is also a good time to mark your calendar, perfect for dancing and having a great time without spending too much, with the festivals held in honour of Our Lady of Jesus (8th September) Saint Matthew d’Abraca (21st September) and the village of Sant Miquel de Balansat (29th September)

Finally, there are many places in Ibiza which are of enormous cultural interest, including for example, the church of Es Puig de Missa, in the municipal district of Santa Eulària des Riu, one of the four fortified churches built on the island to protect the populace from marauding Turkish pirates, together with the churches of Sant Miquel de Balansat, Sant Jordi de ses Salines and Sant Antoni de Portmany. The latter also boasts a 16th century lookout tower, built high on a hill with views of the Mediterranean coast.

An ideal way to spend your holiday in Ibiza, ensuring that you do not max out your credit card, while still helping our economy, and discovering where to find the hidden charms of the white island.