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17 June 2019

Ibiza, the electric car island

Within the framework of the agreement reached by the Ministry of Territory, the island of Ibiza is a pioneer in the implementation of electric mobility systems to replace the current fleet of vehicles in the near future.

La isla de los mercadillos - Ibiza Travel

27 May 2019

The street-market Island

Ibiza is much more than just a holiday place, it is a style, a way of life and a philosophy that attracts people from all over the world to settle on this island paradise.

Hoteles en Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

27 May 2019

New hotel options in Ibiza

Bless Hotel Ibiza, W Ibiza, Amàre Beach Hotel and El Puerto Hotel Spa are offering new options for luxury holidays in Ibiza.

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27 May 2019

A great taste of Ibiza

Ibiza is the perfect holiday choice, and not just for the white sands and aquamarine waters of its beaches. It is becoming increasingly easy to enjoy fine dining, a first class lunch on the sea shore...