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Feria de los pescados de otoño - Ibiza Travel

03 October 2019

The autumn fish festival returns

The island of Ibiza will be hosting one of October's main gastronomic events when it celebrates the Red Mullet Festival and the Autumn  Fish Fair organised by the Consell d'Eivissa,  Ibiza Town Council, the Ibiza Fishereman's Guild and Ibiza and Formentera Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (PIMEEF) and the Port Authority.

Mitología Ibicenca - Ibiza Travel

30 September 2019

Ibizan mythology

It is said that the absence of snakes inspired the ancient Carthaginians to name the island Ibiza, in honour of the Egyptian god Bes, as this deity had the power to protect itself from all kinds of venomous animals.

Edificios emblemáticos de Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

30 September 2019

Ibiza’s emblematic buildings

There are many famous emblematic buildings the length and breadth of Ibiza, which are a testament to its culture, history and tradition and which are firmly embedded in their surroundings, geography, climate and customs.

24 September 2019

Ibiza’s 62 islets

Ibiza is surrounded by a total of 62 islets and some of these, given their location, size or special features are worthy of special mention.

Grupos Musicales - Ibiza Travel

16 September 2019

Discover the best of Ibiza’s music scene

Ibiza is passionate about music. Residents and tourists alike are able to enjoy every style and genre, a fact reflected in the island’s emerging musical culture.