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Santo Domingo church

The beginnings of this church are very closely linked to those of Nuestra Señora de Jesús, given that the Dominicans located here decided to settle in Ibiza’s walled enclosure in 1587 because of the pirate attacks.

This church is very different compared to the rest of the churches on the island, given that it is more spacious and its structure is more complex.  The building has one single nave and eleven side chapels, three of which are the most important; they stand out on the inside because of their wideness and on the outside because they are topped with three Valencian style vaults.

This cloisters shaped convent is home to the City Hall of Ibiza.

The parish festival is held on July 29th, the feast of Saint Peter.


Saturdays 8pm 7pm
Sundays 12pm – 8pm 12pm – 7pm


Address: Calle General Balansat, 6 - Dalt Vila (Ibiza)
Telephone: 971 300 239

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