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Love Ibiza

Love Ibiza

Awareness campaign about sustainability and responsible attitudes towards the island of Ibiza. Let’s love Ibiza the same way as it has loved us. Join the initiative!


Ibiza loves you.
You know it when you close your eyes and the warm sun touches your soul.
You know it when you submerge yourself in its waters and emerge a new person.
When its traditions tell you stories that you feel a part of.
When your laughter tastes of the sea, forests, herbs and ali oli.
When you discover new emotions around every corner.
It’s knowing you’re part of something bigger, something that you discover is inside of you.

That’s why we ask you to
love Ibiza
Look after its waters and beaches.
Respect its countryside and forests.
Enjoy its generous natural bounty and local produce.
Learn from its people and share their stories.
Keep Ibiza clean.
Consume responsibly.
Leave the noise behind and listen to the music of the silence.

And never forget that the place we want we have to build together.

This is Ibiza.
Ibiza loves you, love Ibiza.


We’ve realised that Ibiza gives us so much. Its landscapes, its people and its energy have captivated millions of people throughout history.


Everyone, whether born here or those who have chosen to live on this wonderful island or those who visit on holiday, we all have a responsibility to Ibiza, our island.

And so, we wondered, how can we help to keep Ibiza beautiful? How can we show our love for the island?


Let’s create a place where the environment is respected, a place where people are aware of their surroundings and have a proactive, civic attitude and where the people who come to visit feel at home and treat it as such.

With this initiative we hope to create a well-informed community that residents and visitors can join, and together build the Ibiza we’ve always dreamed of.


There are many people and projects that are helping to make the difference and implement programmes that are sure to change the way Ibiza is seen around the world.

Inspired by the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives and by UNWTO sustainable tourism.

We want to make these people visible and spread their way of loving our island.

If you’re one of those people.
If you work with activities that raise awareness.
If your business is “eco-friendly”.
If you practise responsible tourism.
Or if you simply have an idea that respects the territory, culture and people of Ibiza:

We’d like you to participate in this awareness campaign about sustainability and responsible attitudes towards the island of Ibiza.


  1. Contact us on social media or by email: with your sustainable idea, project or activity and we’ll promote it on our networks.
  2. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and find out more about the surprising initiatives we’re developing.
  3. Join the community: share with your friends the publications that interest you and spread your love of Ibiza.
  4. Use our hashtags #estimaeivissa #quiereaibiza #loveibiza on photo and videos to show us how much you love the island and how you look after it.

Ibiza loves you, love Ibiza.


The Ibiza loves you, love Ibiza campaign has just started and will develop as you get involved.

Soon we’ll have more information for you about the surprising events and initiatives that we’ll be launching.

Meanwhile, follow us on social media and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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