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The green way to discover Ibiza’s blue seas

The Eivissa Council's “Navega en Verde” (Green Sailing) campaign is back.

The Eivissa Council’s “Navega en Verde” (Green Sailing) campaign is back. For crews of yachts and other private watercraft, or others here to enjoy the island’s fifty kilometres of coastline, the message is the same: posidonia seagrass and sound seafaring are crucial to a healthy ecosystem. With that in mind, the campaign focuses attention on the disastrous environmental effects of ignoring the underwater plant’s significance. Envisioned as part of the 2018 effort are increased surveillance and an expanded period of operations. In 2018, patrols begin 15 March, with five watch boats on Formentera and three on Ibiza.

For three years the Council’s environment office has promoted a best practices guide for navigating local waters as a way to ensure healthy coasts and seagrass meadows. The document serves to remind sailors that anchorage on meadows—which can uproot and otherwise damage the plant—is illegal. Alternatives like ecological buoys and safe mooring devices have also been specially fitted in specific areas. Spills or leakage—even of organic materials—must likewise be closely controlled given they risk altering the physical and chemical composition of seawater, thus deforming the biological balance in place. Swelling traffic and greater frequency of passage during the central summer months make basic environmental ground rules a must for protecting the seas that our visitors so cherish.

Across its vast meadows, posidonia is home to a diverse array of underwater species. Those organisms, in turn, make for the immensely rich and complex ecosystems that underpin the Mediterranean environment. Plus, the seagrass contributes to the protection, accumulation and production of sand, not only on the sea floor but at the beach as well.

Find out more about the underwater species at the Council’s official website. You’ll learn in depth about how the plant helps guarantee the beauty of our surrounding waters. Every year, countless yachts cause irreparable damage by falling foul of regulations. Posidonia is essential to conserving the beauty of Ibiza’s seas.