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Winter on wheels

We all knew that Ibiza was the perfect destination for getting physical in summer, but the same goes for winter.

Eventos Deportivos en Ibiza

We all knew that Ibiza was the perfect destination for getting physical in summer, but the same goes for winter. Everything about it—the natural beauty, the performances and the twelve-month summers—makes Ibiza and its five municipalities the perfect spot for athletes professional and amateur to train and compete.

The Eivissa Council partners with the five ajuntaments (“municipalities”) of the island and a multitude of associations to coordinate an array of competitions and sports events. The one condition? Physical fitness and steady training. Spring is over, but this 2017, October comes bearing sports contests aplenty, and they continue through the new year. Let’s take a look.

– As a feat of physical fitness or one of leisure, the Ibiza Marathon is a one of a kind experience. Runners can choose between two circuits (42 or 12K) to get fit, sweat it out and enjoy the breathtaking views. Stunning sunsets are just one of the iconic sights you’ll see. For details:

– La Ruta de la Sal (“Salt Road”) is the Mediterranean’s biggest cruise-ship regatta. The many starting points in this contest all lead to one finish line at the island of Ibiza. For more information about an adrenaline-charged adventure and the Mediterranean’s preeminent maritime experience, visit

– Vuelta a Ibiza en Mountain Bike BBT is a milestone event on the local sports calendar and a shining star in the universe of mountain biking. Every year, pro bikers come from far and wide to take part in the adventure. Find out more:

– The Ibiza Media Maratón cuts a trail across the island that is unique in its charm and natural beauty. Do it for the fun or to push your limits. Choose the 21K circuit or its 10K junior. Read more at

– 12-15 October, participants of Vuelta Cicloturista Ibiza will set out on a 14K ride through the interior of Sant Antoni de Portmany municipality. The tour starts at the “town of almond trees” (Santa Agnès de Corona) and ends in the “town of wine” (Sant Mateu d’Albarca).

If you want a guided discovery of the island’s world-class trails and spectacular vistas, find all the info you need right here. Mountain bikers, after sixteen years in the making, this is your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Get all the details here:

– Participants of the Ibiza LD & Half Triathlon set out from Ibiza’s Figueretes beach at 8.00am on 22 October. The two-circuit contest is open to any who can certify good physical health. For FETRI-licensed athletes, the event will count as a national long-distance championship, and it is included in the Copa de España triathlon finals. More information is at

– Ibiza Trail is a tour of the island’s most magical sights. On the three-part circuit, participating trail runners will discover the cliffs, beaches and woods of northeast Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Distinguished athletes from the global arena have turned this ride into one of mountain-biking’s biggest. A certain level of proficiency, plus good physical fitness and many hours of training, are required for this event. For more info, check out

– As trail running fixtures go, 3 días de Trail (“3 days of Trail”) is a great way to discover Ibiza and its many treasures. In 2017, the event happens 1-3 December and offers adepts of running and the outdoors several options, among them are a 10K nighttime run on Friday and a 24, 46 or 85K circuit Saturday. The last race, on a 10.46K course, will take place on Sunday. Get all the details here:

A handful of runs, rides and races to stay active this winter, on foot, on wheels, or in the water!

Ready, steady, go!