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Ibiza Sailing Events

From Ibiza port, or any other Mediterranean port, Circum Navegaciones Hispania offers the chance of sailing onboard a 20-to-50-meter traditional manned sailing boat. This is ideal for planning a daytrip at any time that suits you.

We organize and coordinate your catering event onboard. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of hiring a DJ, planning water activities, special decoration, or speedboats, all of it for up to 150 guests.

The company invites you to enjoy the places of interest and coordinates transportation if needed. We offer incentive programs and event organization for up to 150 people. We have catering services, our chef cuisine, additional waiters and hostess services.

We have all you need to make your sailing experience authentic. As a supplement, you can enjoy onboard or outside special effects.

Responsible: Nicole Legler
Mobile: 609 853 210

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