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El campo de Ibiza

In the countryside

Carob, fig, almond and fruit trees are joined by vineyards in populating the Ibizan countryside and imbuing it with a sense of peace and escape from the hustle and bustle. The setting calls for a slower pace, like from bygone times, when the only reds were those of the earth, the greens of surrounding vegetation and the blue of the sky above.

Experience Ibiza’s countryside—whether on foot or bicycle, solo or with a friend, in spring bloom or as autumn retreats. Lose yourself on its trails—they’re the perfect way to take in the rich scenery and varied architecture, the natural springs and canals, the whitewashed churches, the rural homes, the centuries-old traditions, and the Ibizans themselves, an open-minded bunch known for their hospitality. There is an island that runs on a different schedule.

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