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Flaó - Ibiza Travel

07 June 2021

Flaó, a dessert with a history

One of the main features that identify a people is their cuisine. The typical dishes that are prepared and cooked year on year and which withstand...

Cala Nova - Pareja - Ibiza Travel

28 May 2021

Ibiza, open for holidays

After months of isolation and restrictions, once again Ibiza will be opening its doors to visitors, to showcase the myriad treasures...

La sal, oro blanco de Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

03 May 2021

Salt, Ibiza’s white gold

If you are visiting the island of Ibiza, make sure that you have wander through the Ses Salines Natural Park. As well as the natural beauty...

El sonido de la madera - Ibiza Travel

21 April 2021

The sound of wood

In an island famous for its music, the instruments of popular culture offer a unique sound that is rooted in Ibizan folklore.

S'Espartar, la isla del esparto - Ibiza Travel

01 April 2021

S’Espartar, esparto grass island

Shoes, baskets, curtains, carpets, bottle holders... one of the main raw materials of the Ibizan craft industry is used to make the tools and objects...

Museo Puget - Ibiza Travel

22 March 2021

The artistic Pugets’ view of Ibiza

Land of inspiration, light and tradition, in the artists Narcís Puget Viñas and Narcís Puget Riquer, Ibiza can boast two of its most prominent artistic...