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Es Trull de Ca n’Andreu - Ibiza Travel

20 February 2023

On the trail of traditional Ibizan architecture

Traditional Ibizan buildings provide a faithful reflection of the island's history, namely, an agricultural society and a subsistence economy that has...

Vino de Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

13 February 2023

Ibiza, the land of wine

Ibiza is known for its excellent cuisine, based on seasonal local produce. Delicious dishes that match perfectly with wines that are also produced...

Sobrasada con butifarrón negro-y-cuchillo - Ibiza Travel

06 February 2023

Ibiza, an island waiting to be discovered in wintertime

The damp earth and country air, the fresh breeze in the early morning and the final hours of late afternoon, the smell of the chimney smoke...

Almendros en flor - Ibiza Travel

30 January 2023

The amazing sight of almond trees in bloom

Ibiza in winter is synonymous with peace and tranquillity, and with country walks to the island's natural beauty spots that can be enjoyed...