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LGTBIQ – Feel Ibiza: Free your emotions

The philosophy of the Ibizan people is based on the motto of ‘live and let live’, which merged several decades ago with the values of hippies and artists from across the planet, and the needs of lesbians and gays, who had yet to find somewhere on the old continent where emotional freedom could be found. Ibiza was one of the first places to provide a space for people to openly express their feelings.

Open minds that are hard to label find this island a place of boundless beauty and respect, with an atmosphere in which the LGTBI community feels completely at home. The area around the Calle de la Virgen in the old port became a centre for cutting-edge LGTBI fashion decades before European capitals saw the birth of their own gay barrios, bringing with it a surge of cosmopolitan values. Ibiza, however, continues to be a universal point of reference thanks to its gay-friendly atmosphere, which is not confined to a few streets or a town quarter, but is a spirit that pervades the entire island and highlights a society that is amicable, welcoming and free of prejudice.

The planet’s most celebrated LGTBI destination.