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Adlib Moda Ibiza

The history of Adlib Fashion is associated with traditional Ibizan dress. Therefore, it is partly inspired by the straw hats, esparto shoes and women’s shawls typical of the island’s clothing.

Ibizan fashion offers an alternative to the style of the garments that flooded and monopolised the industry in the 1970s. A fashion that captivated thousands of young people who rejected traditional and austere designs in favour of new, fresh and personal styles. Its emergence also led to the creation of many jobs among the women of the islands for whom it meant an industrial boom that enabled them to become economically independent and have their own financial resources.

Adlib Fashion is always associated with original, handmade creations and its main distinguishing features are white as the predominant colour, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton and the absolutely personal designs that blend the hippy look with the simplicity of traditional Mediterranean clothing.

The freshness and originality of these garments keep this style intact today, although they are renewed every year by the designers who bring Adlib Fashion to life. Every summer, the Adlib Fashion Show dazzles Ibizans, tourists and foreigners alike with its hippy style, its respect for natural body shapes, its comfort, the essence of its success, and for having achieved, with great effort, a timeless fashion style based on the principle: “dress as you like but dress with taste”.