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Where to eat

Ibiza has a great variety of restaurants of extraordinary quality. They offer fresh and natural products such as fish and seafood, or traditional dishes such as “arroz a la marinera” (rice with seafood) and “bullit de peix”. There are also restaurants that serve Ibizan typical dishes, mainly based on meat.

For instance, the “arròs de matances” (slaughter rice), the “frita de porc”, and the “sofrit pagès”. These overwhelming recipes are part of local gastronomy. Ibizan pastries are also quite elaborate.

Some of the most outstanding desserts are the “flaó” (a delicious cake made with goat and sheep cheese, and peppermint), the “greixonera” (a pudding with an ensaimada base, milk and egg). In social reunions it is customary to eat the “orelletes” (small pastries in the form of an ear).

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