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Fotos Imprescindibles Ibiza

19 August 2019

The white island in ten images

There are three ways of experiencing your holidays, first, there is the planning stage, then you go and enjoy them, and finally you remember them. This article aims to ensure that you will never forget them by providing a few hints on the photos that you should take during your visit to Ibiza.

12 August 2019

Christine Spengler’s journey to the ends of the earth

French by birth, although she grew up in Madrid, and has loved Ibiza since she was a child, Christine Spengler is a self-taught photographer and writer who, at the age of 23 discovered her vocation in life and determined that she would travel the world photographing war zones and defending the oppressed.

12 August 2019

Airline connections, summer season 2019

Ibiza is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. People from all over the world flock to the island during the warm summer season to enjoy the beaches, local cuisine and its unique places to stay, not to mention the entertainments on offer.

La isla que no tiene edad - Ibiza Travel

26 July 2019

The ageless island

Choosing Ibiza for your holiday is a safe choice as you know that it will be fun whatever your age.

Ibiza Artesanía - Ibiza Travel

26 July 2019

Ibizan crafts

As well as being famous for its beaches and holiday fun, Ibiza boasts many traditional crafts and artisans, and their products can be found in the street markets held in all its towns and villages, where you can buy all kinds of handcrafted articles, unique souvenirs of your holiday.