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Sant Miquel de Balanzat church

It is one of the oldest church-fortresses and most picturesque on the island and is found on the top of the hill of Puig de Sant Miquel, in the north of the island. There are no reliable data, but its origins go back to the 13th or 14th century.

This church is very original compared to the other churches on island because it has a cross shape and is made up of two perpendicular bodies. The main nave is the body that spans from east to west and has a chancel and large altar at the east, vaulted nave, six chapels and main door on the south wall for men. While the other nave, which spans from north to south, has a vault with circular arches, four chapels and a door for women. It is one of the churches with the largest area.

In front of the door of the main nave, you’ll find a rectangular porch with arcades and stone benches at each side of the door and an enormous patio around the parish house. On this patio, each Thursday in summer, they organise displays of “ball pagès” (typical dance).

The parish festival is held on September 29th, the feast of Saint Michael.


Saturdays 8pm 6.30pm
Sundays 10.30am 10.30am


Address: Puig de Missa - Sant Miquel de Balansat
Telephone: 971 334 309

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