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Ibiza Planes - Ibiza Travel

18 July 2019

Discover a different Ibiza

The Ibiza that we see in magazines which only a select few discover, is actually within reach of everyone, and most of these ideas and plans do not have to be hard on the average budget.

Genoma Ibicenco - Ibiza Travel

18 July 2019

The Ibizan genome

Isolation, insularity, the mix of different cultures that Ibiza has been exposed to throughout its history, or simply the events that the island's inhabitants have lived through over the centuries have ensured that their genes differ from the rest of the Mediterranean world.

Ibiza - Museos

08 July 2019

Ibiza, an artists’ refuge

Ibiza has always stimulated the creativity of many artists who continue to disembark on this Mediterranean island to give free rein to their imagination.

29 June 2019

Tanit: The Ibizan goddess and her grotto

The island of Ibiza has always been shrouded in a cloak of mysticism. The blending and mixing of the many cultures that have peopled this land have created a whole miscellany of traditions and lore that have endured until the present day.