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Mercados de Producto - Ibiza Travel

14 September 2020

Produce markets in Ibiza

By buying at these markets, not only are you supporting the island's local businesses, but this is also socially responsible shopping, with care for the environment.

Turismo astronómico - Ibiza Travel

01 September 2020

Astronomy tourism in Ibiza

It is said that there no sunsets as beautiful as those of Ibiza, yet you rarely hear of the magic that happens when the sun goes down and the stars...

Salinas - Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

01 September 2020

A trip to Ibiza’s salt pans

Ibiza's salt pans are the heart of the industry that produces the mineral, and the salt marshes were declared a Natural Park in 2001. There visitors will...

01 September 2020

Ibiza’s “pa pagès”

This "pa pagés” is the perfect accompaniment to cured sausages or meats, although it is also good with a splash of the island's extra virgin olive oil...

Vacaciones en Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

25 August 2020

Ibiza: you deserve this holiday

Ibiza has always been an open, welcoming and fascinating island. During the confinement and application of the health measures imposed by COVID-19...

Ibiza Gran Hotel

25 August 2020

Sweet dreams… you’re in Ibiza

Despite the fact that Ibiza is known internationally for fun and enjoyment, it has another important aspect, which is the peace of the island.

Sant Antony - Ibiza Travel

12 August 2020

What to see in Ibiza

This article proposes five essential plans, which take in the five municipal districts, and which you won’t want to miss if you are coming to Ibiza in 2020.

Kayak - Ibiza Travel

12 August 2020

Dive into the magic of Ibiza

"Nautical tourism" or "water sports” are safe bets for entertainment and fun this summer, given the restraints imposed by the COVID-19 health crisis...