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Grupos Musicales - Ibiza Travel

16 September 2019

Discover the best of Ibiza’s music scene

Ibiza is passionate about music. Residents and tourists alike are able to enjoy every style and genre, a fact reflected in the island’s emerging musical culture.

Recuerdos de Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

12 September 2019

Seven souvenirs to buy in Ibiza

Leaving with a souvenir of the white island is like taking photographs of one of the most popular views of Ibiza, returning home with a memento of your unforgettable trip or with a gift for your loved ones is a must.

Buceo en Ibiza - Ibiza Travel

12 September 2019

Ibiza’s other universe under the sea

Ibiza is the perfect destination for plunging into the world of scuba diving. There are hundreds of opportunities for practising this sport on the white island, with its rich marine life, crystalline waters and mild temperatures...

Eivissa Jazz - Ibiza Travel

03 September 2019

Ibiza‘s 31st Jazz Festival

Ibiza is gearing up again this year for the Ibiza Jazz Festival, the biggest on the island, to be held from 3rd to 7th September in the incredible setting of Ibiza’s old walled town.

Fotos Imprescindibles Ibiza

19 August 2019

The white island in ten images

There are three ways of experiencing your holidays, first, there is the planning stage, then you go and enjoy them, and finally you remember them. This article aims to ensure that you will never forget them by providing a few hints on the photos that you should take during your visit to Ibiza.