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Category: Persons of Ibiza

El sonido de la madera - Ibiza Travel

21 April 2021

The sound of wood

In an island famous for its music, the instruments of popular culture offer a unique sound that is rooted in Ibizan folklore.

S'Espartar, la isla del esparto - Ibiza Travel

01 April 2021

S’Espartar, esparto grass island

Shoes, baskets, curtains, carpets, bottle holders... one of the main raw materials of the Ibizan craft industry is used to make the tools and objects...

Museo Puget - Ibiza Travel

22 March 2021

The artistic Pugets’ view of Ibiza

Land of inspiration, light and tradition, in the artists Narcís Puget Viñas and Narcís Puget Riquer, Ibiza can boast two of its most prominent artistic...

Amanecer - Ibiza Travel

12 March 2021

Ibiza dazzles at dawn too

The sunsets in Ibiza are famous worldwide and anyone visiting the island should not miss out on this essential experience. Watching the sun go down...

cutxilles pageses - Ibiza Travel

05 March 2021

Details forged in fire

More than just a simple tool or utensil for performing daily domestic or agricultural tasks in Ibiza, knives, the ‘cutxilles pageses’...

Col Pagesa - Ibiza Travel

25 February 2021

A taste of cabbage in winter

In winter, typical Ibizan cuisine offers a wealth of dishes featuring seasonal products. Pork meat from the annual pig slaughter...

Puig de Missa - Ibiza Travel

15 February 2021

All roads lead to Mass

The ancient religious tradition of the island that began when the Christian troops first arrived on these shores in 1235, continues to be ever present...

02 February 2021

The tracks of the Ibizan hound

The Ibizan hound, called podenco ibicenco or ca eivissenc is the island’s native dog, having arrived in Ibiza sometime around the 8th century BCE...